Admission period


December onwards

Academic session period


April to March

Vacation period


1st May to 15th June

  Admission Procedure

  • For admission related enquiries please contact the Admission Incharge.
  • Admission Form must be purchased from the school office during working day.
  • duly filled in admission form must be submitted within 7 day of purchase.
  • All the required documents should be submitted along with the admission form.
  • Required documents list will be available at the school office.








                                                                           TUITION FEE STRUCTURE

                                                                              Session : 2018-19

PARTICULARS NUR. TO K.G.-I       KG-II&I II &III           IV & V  VI  TO VIII        IX-X XI & XII Com.   XI & XII PCM  
Admission Fees 4000/-                      4000/- 4000/-              4000/- 5000/-                6000/- 8000/-                 8000/-
Annual  Fee 4000/-                      4000/- 4000/-              4000/- 5000/-                5000/- 6000/-                 6000/-



1600/-                        1800/-   2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
July 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
August 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
September 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
October+event fee(1500) 3100/-                        3300/- 3500/-                3700/- 3900/-                4100/- 4300/-                 4700/-
November 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
December+March 19 3200/-                        3600/- 4000/-                4400/- 4800/-                5200/- 5600/-                 6400/-
January 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
Feburary 1600/-                        1800/- 2000/-                2200/- 2400/-                2600/- 2800/-                 3200/-
TOTAL of Tuition Fee 19100/-                    21300/- 23500/-           25700/- 27900/-            30100/- 32300/-             36700/-


1.  Last Tuition fee will be waived off for 2nd child(ie Feb) . last two tuition fee (ie Feb. & March) will be waived off for 3rd and 4th child.
2.  Rs. 2000=00 Lumpsum discount, if total fee is paid before 15th April for existing student and during admission for new students.
3.  Last date of depositing fee in cash is 15th/ in cheques 10th of each month. Late fee of Rs.25/-per day for tution fees will be charged for fees received after 15th of the month.
4.  At the time of admission cheque will not be accepted. Only cash mode of payment cheque/cash (cheque will be preferred). Cheques are in favour of ‘ORION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’. If cheque is bounced once, Rs. 500/-will be charged extra in addition to late fee as per rules if paid before the legal noticeis issuedLegal charge of Rs.1000/- will be charge4d extra if legal notice is issued for cheque bounce .
5.  Kindly mention the Name, Class and Sch. no. of the student on the reverse of the cheque. Kindly do not overwrite on the cheques.
6.  No reminders will be given for payment of fees dues. On non payment of two consecutive installments of tuition fee, name of the student shall be struck off from school rolls. In that case, student will have to take re-admission to continue. On non payment of two consecutive installments of bus fee, bus facility will be withdrawn.
7.  The School Management reserves the right to revise the fee structure from time to time.
8.  Board class students should clear their dues on or before 31st Jan. Classes Nur. to XI students should clear their all dues by 15th Feb, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the final examination.
9.  T.C. will be issued only if the tuition fee is paid till the date of T.C. application. Partial tuition fee is not accepted. Full month’s fee has to be paid.
10. In case of no intimation for not attending the school or non use of bus, the fee shall be applicable for the entire period. Such requests should be made in writing well in advance.
11. For any grievances, a written application is required or else you can send a mail to and response will be given within two days.
12. School office timings - 8:30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m . The school office shall remain open during summer break from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
13. Bus or van facility cannot be withdrawn after the first term.(September}
14. No reduction is made for vacations or broken periods.
15. Fees collected will not be refunded at any cost.
16. No caution money will be taken at the time of admission.


                                                           Charges Bus Stop

900/-(0-3 kms.) 

Indus garden, Indus empire, Priyadarshini,Salaiya, Mahindra city, Bhawani phase-ii, Mahendra Paza, Ishwar nagar, Rohit Ngar Rishi Valley, Rishi nagar, Rohit Nagar, Gulmohar, Viceroy park, My school, Manisha Dairy, Suyog Vihar, Tilak nagar, Neeraj nagar, Pallavi nagarFine Residency,(gulmohar) Sevoy complex, Laxmi parisar, Aura mall, shahpura thana, bank of Baroda(Trilanga), Near Surya Academy, Lake pearl, Gomti Apmt.Bawadiya kaln, Danish Kunj(kolar), Dana pani,Akriti greens,(Salaiya), Fortune glory, Rishi nagar, Akriti Eco city, Shubhalay vihar, Rajeev gandhi collge,, Akash ganga, South Avenue,Reliance fresh, Bawadiya fatak,Girdhar parisar,leela ParisrNew doorsanchar colony, Sheel public school, Trilanga post office, Albert ekka vihar,Sterling, D K Cootage, Lovedale school, Shweta mandir 

1200/-(3-6) KM

MS Vishnu Hitech, Ashima mall, Vrindaban dhaba, Saraswatinagar, Laxman nagar, Adarsh nagar,Bharat nagar(ICICI),10.NO, National hospital, 11 no stop,12no.stop,Shahpura Chouraha, Shahpura B-Sector,Janta Qrts.(E-6),Sarvdharm, Kolar road,1100 Qrts., Shalimar enclave, Jain temple Kempforte school(kOLAR). Campion school, Sunkhedi -kolar road, Banjari, E-5 Arera colony, Amarnath colony, Fortune estate(kolar)Palace Orchade, Surendra palace, Narayan nagr, Nayapura, JK Hospital(shirdipuram)Bansal hospital.

1500/-(6-10 kms)   

Chuna bhatti, C-21 mall, mIsrod, Shakti nagar, Saket nagar, Chinar Fortune city CI Enclave, Alkapuri,Parulhospital, Narmaa bhawan, 5 no. stop, 6 no.stop, Danish nagar (misrod)           

1700/-(10-12 kms)    IPS School, Pink city, Mother Teressa,Mata mandir

1900/-(12-14 kms.)   Gatum nagar, Rachna nagar, Chetak Bridge, Nehru nagar

2000/-(14-17 kms)    Prabhat petrol pump, Katara Hills



Result of classes IX and XI will be declared on 17/03/18. New session begins on 19/03/18.

Result for classes I- VIII will be declared on 24/03/18. New session begins on 02/04/18.

Result of kids zone will be declared on 23/03/18. New session begins on 02/04/18

Admissions open

Admisissions open for the session2018-19