Life skills are abilities that will help students to be successful in living a productive life. Learning and practicing life skills help students to improve their personal and social qualities.

To enhance their personality various clubs are formed and being operated by the students with proper guidance from teachers.


Orion believes in " Green energy, clean energy". Students actively participates in Eco clubs and "Tree Plantation" is a regular affair at Orion. They are taught to love and protect nature.

Students participate in Green Olympiads which help them to identify their "Environmental Quotient". The nature club "SKYLARK" which is affiliated with WWF is very active in addressing the environmental issues.


The Indian culture is unique because of its diversity and variety. Indian family values are acclaimed world over. Orion takes special care to inculcate the value systems in its students. As a step towards it, Orion has adopted an old age home and the inmates are helped by the students and staff.

Donation of clothes, blankets , groceries etc. to the needy people and spending quality time with the elders help the students to develop a special bonding with aged people. Students understand the pain of being neglected and lonliness. They learn to accommodate the elders in the family and in the society as a whole.


Regular health checkups are provided to the students of all classes. Adolescence issues are addressed and regular counseling sessions are conducted for the boys and girls separately.

Workshops are conducted on regular intervals. Children are educated about the harmful effects of junk food and are encouraged to practice healthy food habits.


Orion's Science club is very active. Quiz programmes, debates, working & non working model presentation, paper presentation, participation in science congress, regular visit to regional science centre are some of the activities conducted through science club.


The young masters programme on sustainable development (YMP ) is a global web based education and learning network. YMP is all about empowering young people to build a smarter , more sustainable world through new tools and networks.

30 schools from all over India have been enrolled for this programme and ORION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BHOPAL is one of them.

The YMP has been developed by the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE ) at LUND UNIVERSITY in SWEDEN. It is free sustainability education for schools, teachers and 16 – 18 year old students around the world.

The course focuses on finding solutions to social , economic , and environmental challenges. Students and teachers receive a YMP diploma upon course completion. The course is done online and students get to interact with the students of other countries and they participate in group research and discussion.

To achieve the highest grades, students need to complete a voluntary project work after the online course is finished.

Our class IX students are enrolled for the course every year along with a guide teacher and they enjoy the online sessions. It gives a good exposure to the students and teachers as well. Now they will gain tools and learn strategies to tackle sustainability issues in our own country.


Field trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands on experience. Regularly our students are taken to Science centre, Vidhan sabha, National parks etc.

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Garba Mahotsava 2017

Kalrav Academy, a centre for co-curricular activities of Orion International School , is organising "Garba Mahotsava "2017 on 23rd and 24th of Sept.2017. Timings 7.00 p.m to 11.00 p.m

Dushhera vacations

Dushhera holidays are from 28/09/17 to 02/10/17. School reopens on 03/10/17

Half Yearly written exam

Half Yearly written exams are from 14/09/17 to 27/09/17


Oral exams for classes i to X-From 08/09/17 to 12/09/17

Practical Exam for classes XI & XII - From 08/09/17 to 12/09/17

Preparation leave on 13/09/17

Written Exam from 14/09/17 to 27/09/17

Teacher's Day celebration

Happy Teacher's Day 

Teacher's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by our students on 04/09/17. It was full of entertainment & fun . The students presented an amazing cultural prgram, to begin with a cake cutting ceremony  followed by games , ramp walk of teachers ,snacks etc.  

Kids zone will be celebrating Tacer's day on 05/09/17